Why Buy Property in Tenerife?

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About Tenerife

Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands evolved several million years ago as a volcanic land mass not far from the African Coast. It is the third largest volcanic land on the planet and it boasts the highest mountain in the Spanish domain.

The island, often referred to as the island of eternal spring is a tropical paradise with one of the best temperate climates in the world. It was actually NASA that confirmed this using space observation technique. Temperatures in the low twenties are the norm at that time and even during the summer months the temperatures rarely exceed the high twenties.The island has beautiful forests packed with exotic wildlife and unique plant life and the scenery is stunning.

There are giant cliffs, rugged gorges, and huge mountains including Mount Teide, (3718 metres) which towers high above the most amazing volcanic landscape. Mount Teide was justifiably declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO during 2007. Sadly many tourists miss out on seeing the most breathtaking scenery because they do not venture far from the coastal resorts.

Tenerife welcomes over five million tourists every year from all over the world, about a third of which come from the UK, the remainder mostly from other parts of northern Europe and Scandinavia. Not surprisingly it is also a very popular tourist destination for the Spanish. The most popular months for visitors are January to March when the weather on the Island is probably the best in the world.

For the many tourists the range of activities is extremely diverse and caters for all ages. There are a number of theme parks and no shortage of things to do, for example, golf, diving, fishing, sailing, submarine safaris, swimming or simply lazing on the wonderful beaches. The new exotic Siam Park will be opening shortly where visitors will be able to undertake a thrilling range of water based activities in an oriental setting.

Despite being around for millions of years Tenerife has only evolved as a tourist destination during the past 40 years. The older ones among you may remember when along with the Spanish Costas it was a major jet set destination. In those days the focus was on budget holidays, mass tourism and like many other holiday places, the image of Tenerife inevitably suffered from the consequences of rapid tourist growth.

Much has been written about Tenerife in the past and there is a wealth of content, although some of it may be a little dated.

Tenerife is changing

In recent years, the Canary Islands Government have concentrated on elevating the image of Tenerife as a tourist destination. Tourist building development has been restricted to new 5* hotels since 2001 and rural tourism has also been encouraged in recent years.

Apart from major infrastructure improvements, the island has been made over with luscious tropical planting in the main resorts, and many new 5 star resort hotels have sprung up focussing on attracting tourism from the higher spending sectors.

Las Americas is not all what it used to be, the plan to attract affluent tourists appears to have be successful with an upsurge of classy shopping complexes with a plethora of designer retail outlets and upmarket restaurants flourishing everywhere. The emphasis seems to have been on excluding the traditional cheap bars and restaurants, the new breed of tourists are after all more discerning.

The new exclusive 5* Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque Resort in Fanabe and the Deluxe 5* Abama Golf Resort, also near Adeje, are attracting well heeled tourists to Island who might otherwise have flown to other exotic destinations. These resorts are of the finest available anywhere in the world.

Tenerife may have managed to attract tourism from the elite spending sector but the clever part is, the enhanced image has increased tourism in all sectors. The new beach in Playa San Juan has just been completed and the older resorts like Los Cristianos have also been given a makeover, so that they are even more popular with the traditional beach holiday maker. The range of activity holidays available now is an added bonus the Island.

The number of low cost flights to the Island has increased dramatically and with just over 4 hours flying time from Northern Europe it has now become one of the most popular tourist destinations for Europeans and Scandinavians.

Tenerife has the advantage of being an all year round holiday island and it offers perhaps the shortest flight to any winter destination offering almost guaranteed sun.

Who invests in Tenerife Property Market?

Current reports suggest there are close on a million inhabitants on the Island and that this has risen dramatically by more than 17% during the past five years. Property ownership has always been popular with the many residents.

There as many as 20,000 UK residents and around 40,000 properties owned by Brits. These figures are not exact and the latter is a conservative estimate based on a number of varied sources. There are also many property owners from other countries such as Holland, Belgium Germany, Italy, Norway and now Russia.

Many people who own property on the Island visit frequently especially the retired who mostly come to Tenerife to escape harsh winters in northern Europe; they are locally referred to as the swallows.

There is a huge rental market in Tenerife, many property owners let out their properties to the tourist market when they are not using them and Tenerife has always been a popular choice for buy to let investors because of the holiday market. There is also a good opportunity for long term letting, perhaps with the advantage of sustaining a little less wear and tear on the property.

Why invest in the Tenerife Property Market now?

Tenerife has been successfully re-invented as an affluent tourist destination and inevitably this has lead to an upsurge of high quality developments being constructed, especially around the lush new golf courses.

There are many off plan developments in Tenerife both in and around the major resorts but now also in less urbanised areas. Many of the older style properties are being refurbished which is a natural progression because there is so much emphasis on quality in the property market.

The resident population is increasing and there is little doubt that Tenerife will become even more popular with retirees, not only from the UK, but also from so many other countries. The numbers of tourists visiting the Island is also set to increase so undoubtedly Tenerife is safe bet for property investors.

Property buyers in Tenerife are not always British or Spanish. The current market has buyers from Ireland, Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, Belgium and now Russia since there are now direct flights.

A recent well known house price index publisher is showing an average annual price increase of 3.2% for the whole of Tenerife. The figures for 2007 show that prices of one and two bed units have increased whereas the price of larger units has actually fallen during the past twelve months, which overall is the reason for low growth.

In southern resorts, notably Los Cristianos, the reality is that prices have fallen to suit the market conditions and anyone who is keen to sell will probably accept a low offer, which is a new trend. The reason why this is happening is because of the less favourable exchange rates for the British investors.

Another reason for the poor property market at the moment is the over-supply of property, particularly in the main resorts in the south, which is leading to falling prices, and this is more obvious at the lower end of the market.

It is fair to say to say that the property market is suffering in Tenerife at the moment, especially with the lack of buyers from the UK, mostly due to the strong Euro exchange rate against the pound. Exchange rates are definitely affecting the property market in Tenerife, especially in the South which is most popular with British buyers.

On the flip side though, most sellers are British anyway and when they convert their Euros back to Pounds they are getting about 17% more than they would have done six months ago anyway, so in real terms they can afford to accept a lower offer. Some sellers are even accepting payment in Sterling to avoid the exchange rate problem, this way most of your money does not have to leave the UK.

In conclusion of all of these factors, we would say that there has never been a better time to invest in a property in the South of Tenerife. There are many bargains around and the sellers if they are British will more often than not try and compensate prospective buyers to assist with the exchange rate problem.

3 Crucial Tools Every Affiliate Marketer Needs

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Anyone who is interested in internet marketing or are doing an internet marketing business will know about affiliate marketing. Most if not all internet marketers are involved in an affiliate marketing program. Regardless of your level of expertise, the question is always, how do I become successful in affiliate marketing? Below are some observations on successful affiliate marketers.

1. Your Own Website

Your website is the most important, if not most indispensable tool for affiliate marketing. Why? This is because your website is the first point of reference to your customers. You use your website as a marketing platform. Therefore, building a credible and professional looking website is as important as renovating a retail shop.

In a supermarket, it is important that the walkway is easy for customers to walk around to browse the goods on the shelves. This is the same with your website. The interface should be easy for customers to navigate. The design of the website should encourage the customers to click on links to the products or service you are promoting. It’s like a discreet sale person prompting customers to look at an item more closely or to buy it.

It is a fact that most people surf the internet primarily to look for information on something which they are interested in, or are looking for answers. So they are not surfing the internet to buy something. To draw people to visit your website, it has to be filled with information that people are looking for. Information which are original and relevant are the ones that stand out and these are what people are searching for.

People love reading articles that help them learn something that they are searching. By providing lots of useful and original content on your website, you build yourself up as a credible expert in your area. Reputation is important in building a loyal customer base. Your reputation enables your customers to trust your word, hence, your endorsements on the products or services you are promoting. This makes selling your affiliate product easier. So build up your reputation by being a provider of original and quality information on your website for your customers.

2. Incentives and Bonuses

Since affiliate marketing is an easy way to start a home business, many people will be involved in it. So, competition is going to be intense. How do you differentiate yourself from other affiliate marketers? How do you encourage people to visit your webpage? You need to attract customers by giving away presents. Reward your visitors when they visit your site. Give them more incentive to stay with you eg, giving away free ebooks, reports or softwares or free subscriptions to your newsletters that are useful to them. The perceive value of these bonuses is up to you to decide. However, if it is useful and relevant to the customer, then the value of the free gift is high, even though you may have bought it as a private label right item.

The thing is, to stay ahead of your competitors, you must become a generous provider of information. Everybody loves gifts and presents, more so when the gifts or presents are relevant. Show that you care for your readers and that you are a generous provider of free but useful info, software or ebooks. This will build your reputation and trust very fast.

3. Link Popularity

Finally we come to traffic to your website. When you set up a retail shop, you need visibility. Without visibility, nobody knows you exist. To help your affiliate marketing, your website need to be visible as well. Ranking well on search engine is one of the ways to draw traffic to your website.

To rank high in search engine result page, you need to build links to your website. More people linking to you is an indication to search engine that your website is popular and possibly possess many relevant content.

One of the tried and proven free method of building your links is to write articles and submitting the articles to various article directories and e-zines. Each article has an author resource box that you can write about yourself and your website. It is through the author’s resource box that links are pointed back to your website. So, the more articles you submit, the more links are build back to your website. If your articles are original, unique and relevant, more people will copy it and put it up in their own site, thus increasing your exposure to other readers and drawing more potential customers to your site.

Did A Book Ever Come To You?

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The past five years of my life has been quite turbulent. Along with being a mom and pursuing my profession, I have taken on the role of full- time caregiver to my mother.
She had an accident that led to End Stage Renal Disease. Her illness amplified her existing adult onset diabetes, a host of cardiac and cardiovascular issues and also she endured numerous hospitalizations after having a kidney transplant. I have spent all of this time practically living out of hospitals. Being a caregiver to your parent is no easy task. In many cases when things go wrong, and then a miracle happens to turn things around, it reinforces your faith in God many times over.

On her recent hospitalization at Mayo Clinic, She was being seen for a small infection in an ingrown toe nail on her left leg. No matter how diligent we were with care. The toe died and we were in the process of facing the amputation of a toe. Some may think it is just a toe. For those who have no idea, most hospitals when things start to happen, would rather take your entire leg below the knee to amputate instead of doing a small ray section amputation. We handpicked specialists who would be conservative with preserving life and limb. This was also her second amputation in a year period of time.

She was emotionally fearful and distraught having to go through this another time.

She was feeling sad and crying while she awaited her appointment in the nephrology department. I had momentarily left her to attend to my daughter and had returned to the waiting room to find a uniquely healthy and practically glowing couple talking to her.

Upon looking at this man and woman, they had such a spiritual presence. You could tell they walked their talk.

The man saw her waiting and offered to keep her company while she was waiting alone in her wheel chair. He quoted the book of John and referenced knowing that he needed to help his neighbor. They developed such a rapport, my mother asked the man to pray for her, that her leg may heal. His angelic wife walked forward and without hesitation, kneeled down in the crowded waiting room, and placed her hands on my mothers leg to pray for Gods healing and direction.
It was such a beautiful prayer, tears could not help but roll down from my eyes. I have often heard evangelists refer to the term of “being on holy ground”, the moment where Moses took of his slippers at the burning bush. You could feel the potency of her prayer as she spoke and I imagined the feeling was pretty close.

She stood and the couple confidently wished her well. They handed us a book
entitled, ” One Hearbeat Away, Your Journey Into Eternity”,

This book was written by Mark Cahill. I found this to be simply amazing because during my long drive from Illinois to Minnesota, I was listening to a religious broadcast where this very same book was being discussed. I listened to the broadcast intently.

The couple told us that they knew the author and upon reading the book we would receive a very special message that we needed to hear. Upon initially skimming the book, the title in itself you would think would tell the entire story.

We are after all, one heartbeat away between life and death. You would think by judging the cover alone, it is a book that encourages you to think about the fact that our life on this earth will end, and we need to think about after.

I have found this book to be a very interesting read. The author lives and breathes by what he states. He randomly walks up to strangers and asks them questions that get them to think about where we emanate from. He gets into intricate details on his thought process and cites specific sources of how he is not convinced of science’s explanation on how we came to be. He covers the entire spectrum from conventional thought to the King James Version of his path of discovery. The author encourages us to seek the truth as he generously shares how he came into his own light.

Eleven Ways Leaders Create Focus

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Focus is a key Personal Skill of leaders. The ability to bore into the most important things and stay attentive and focused on them, and continue that behavior as a means of solving problems, contacting prospects, writing a report, preparing a presentation, doing an analysis, maximizing the value of a meeting, is key to success. Focus maximizes time – it results in more being done in less time.

And yet, for most people, acquiring the Personal Skill of focus seems impossible – too many distractions, too many things and too little time, too many impositions to even think of focusing on one thing for any period of time. The result is that a lot of decisions are made with superficial research, at best. Even the most important decisions get short attention – or get set aside, all in the name of not enough time.

You won’t hear the highly successful using the excuse of too little time. They take the time – they make the time – they treasure their time – they refuse to let their time be dribbled away on “stuff.”

How do they do that?

We asked the most effective leaders we know how they can seem to get so much accomplished. Here’s a summary of the advice they gave us.

1 – Be selfish with your time and be rewarded with focus and time to be generous. Guard your time against the many intruders that would consume it to no effect. Once that’s done, time for focusing just seems to appear. And time to be generous in giving to others appears as well.

2 – Know what’s most important to you – that day. If you can’t state what are the most important things to you – for that day – you can’t possibly maximize time and create focus. Goals are critical to creating focus and effectiveness.

3 – Live your life in “day tight compartments.” Dale Carnegie made that suggestion in his book “Stop Worrying and Start Living.” What does that mean? Don’t waste time on yesterday, don’t waste time on tomorrow – spend your time – physically and emotionally, in today. Wall off all those things that try to intrude that aren’t important today. Focus on today – exclude all other things. Make today it’s own day tight compartment

4 – Create trust wherever you can. The more trust people have in you, the more time you will have to focus on your most important things.

5 – Eat the frog first. Brian Tracy – in a book of the same name, advises that the frog – the most important thing you have to do today – be the first thing attacked every day. Failure to do that results in constant looking over your shoulder and anxiety – both are robbers of focus.

6 – Ask! Ask for help, ask for resources, ask for information, ask for cooperation. And be a giver and a taker – in equal measure.

7 – Train yourself to focus. Use an hour as your time block and spend an uninterrupted hour on focusing on the most important thing. Be amazed at the end of that time to see how much progress you have made. Extend that focus exercise to your other top goals. The skill of focusing and giving undivided attention for an hour is a top 10% skill – it gives enormous competitive advantage.

8 – Learn to say no. If you’re not enthusiastic about doing something you won’t do a good job. And that will corrode trust, and create anxiety, and lead to interpersonal issues. Plus, being a martyr to someone else’s needs is really unattractive – and unappreciated. If you’ve ever tried to really focus on something you didn’t feel good about, you know what a waste of time that is.

9 – Be realistic. Everyone has a boss. It may be that on any given day very little time will be available for focus on important stuff. Other things get in the way. Treasure that one hour that is available and spend it focused on the most important thing.

10 – Don’t confuse busy with focused or effective. Often all busy is is a way to avoid the truly important.

11 – Be a respecter of the time of others. To the extent that you want your time respected, you gotta respect the time of others. If you don’t respect the time of others, you’re a taker – and nobody likes or respects a taker.

Start today – in this particular “day tight compartment” – to develop the Personal Skill of focus. Start with goals – and then translate them into daily goals and tasks. Watch your effectiveness and accomplishments soar.